Today’s comic is a fan request for Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell and crew. While I don’t presume Sergey has gas… I am aware that Taco Bell might make a good source of natural gas without completely trashing the environment. And NO, I NEVER eat at Taco Bell… too many folks I know have become casualties of such eats.

I’ve been semi dormant the last two days. I’m working on the “back-end” of the comic strip, that takes me out of the “limelight” of which I’ve had more than my fair share with all those blogtalks I’ve guesting on.

I may have mentioned my “secret project” which I alluded to on the last two blogtalks… That’s in the works, as well as a second book. AND, new components for the website. So, keep a close watch. Stuff might start appearing.

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