You folks have been clamoring for Guest Draws. Well, I’m resurrecting them as of today. If all goes well, I’ll put one up every Sunday over the next few weeks. I have a backlog of requests from fans and celebs alike. I happened to catch an interview with Josh on Blogtalk Radio with Destination Truth Fan Site operator Amanda Rosenblatt. The fans listening reminded me how much they love the cartoons. As I always enjoy drawing Mr. Gates as his built in humor makes him an super easy draw, I got the hankering to pen it out. So, enjoy a good snicker…

Some of you will likely call me out about this one being LATE! But, I have a ready-made excuse of an excellent ghost hunt. My team IndyPara and Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators did last night had dynamic interaction with a spirit who killed himself because he was suffering from cancer, and was now haunting his former home. In fact, the bloodstains from the shotgun blast are still on a pole in the basement. Sad sad… really. However, he was willing to entertain us. The K2 meters and emf detectors were blasting off. A few of us were touched. An object was knocked over and a K2 was spun around.

The ultimately coolest event was when teammates Donna, Arra and I helped the spirit realize he was okay, and he was not judged for what he had done to himself. Donna had a vision of a man with his head in his hands, which turned out to be a distraught relative by her description. Apparently, our deceased friend was suffering from guilt. We talked him over with an emotional session. You could feel the gratitude and lightness in the room. This is why we ghost hunt, not to pursue, but to release. He may stay around the family by choice, or he may cross over. Either way, the family who lives in his old home enjoy his company.

We also seemed to be in contact with the spirit of a little girl and a British soldier who hung himself on the property. So, there is more work to do here in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the comics! I have evidence to review.

Eat Cookies! Hunt Ghosts!


btw: I forgot to wear my hat on this investigation… No one recognized me.