Today’s comic, Orb Fetch, was an inspiration from the Pixar animation “UP.” The dog character Doug and his doggie friends would totally lose focus when someone announced “SQUIRREL!” This is how some ghost hunters are about orbs.

Orbs capture attention mostly because they are the only evidence one can glom onto. They are prevalent, mostly because they are not true evidence. Yes, yes, there are true orbs. These carry their own light source and are not reflecting dust or bugs. But, it is rare to capture one. Most of what is caught on camera or video is dust, bugs or moisture. It i this reason why I don’t enjoy reviewing photos people pass my way. I usually have to give bad news. This often results in bruised egos and sometimes angry outbursts. But, lying won’t help.

On the other hand, it makes a good cartoon. Merv is a bit of a big dog to begin with. So, it’s easy to imagine him romping off in pursuit of some orb essence. I should do more with this… I feel the idea percolating as I write. Time to cartoon!

All you ghost hunters or ghost hunter wannabees, watch your orbs! They might be a dirt on the fly or just a fly… And, just because fireflies have their own light source, doesn’t make them orbs either! Scrutinize your evidence carefully. Wait for the real one. It will amaze you.

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Dug from Pixar's "Up"

“SQUIRREL!”  – ©Pixar Studios –