A weekend’s worth of investigating had me quite familiar with Sal of the Shanley’s coffee maker… Confirmed coffee-a-holic, I was in the caffeine sauce quite a bit. The coffee maker is a percolator, which means it brews coffee and then keeps it warm… in this case it would bubble up a bit and re-perk its contents. This can make for some scary coffee later in the evening – prime for hunting ghosts with by the way!

One of the KPG members, Jake, discovered a regular EMF spike occurred in the dining area. A little rummaging around and it was determined to be coming from power cables that fed into the building behind the china cabinet. AND, the spikes corresponded to when the coffee decided to re-brew itself. And so we have coffee flavored EMF spikes!

I thought that was a nice piece of debunking on Jake’s part.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Debunk the Debunkable.


P.S. The Shanley did serve us cookies for the investigation. How cool is that?

AND, this is the last cartoon of the Shanley series… for now (my write more later). Sunday Welcomes Kris Williams of the Ghost Hunters TV show as a Guest Draw!