I ran across a fellow on ORB paranormal website who had invented his own EMF Pump. Brad, founder of Spokane Paranormal claims the increased electromagnetic field allows an entity more energy to use for manifestation or electronic voice phenomena (EVP). In other words, communication is more available.

Brad has created his device using simple ingredients…

“The items I used to build the first emf pump was 2 box fan motors. 1 playstation 2 shell, flat paint(to reduce reflection in pictures), one control knob, and one male outlet plug-in. My theory is on our website at www.spokaneparanormalteam.webs.com so based on my theory this device should let the spirits gather the electromagnetic energy emitted from this device to aid in them contacting us better, if they do not have the energy to do so at the time.”

He has used his creation with great success, noting an increase in the amount of EVPs his team discovers.

“It has helped us alot in gathering evp evidence. On our first investigation using the emf pump we gathered 17 evp’s. On our next investigation we went to a place we have investigated many times. Our usual evidence yielded on average 4 evp’s. When we went back and used the emf pump we gathered 17 evp’s and 2 apparitions. It seems as though it gives them more energy. The evp’s were very clear and louder as well. Instead of gathering mostly class b evp’s, 14 of the were class a. One of them was so loud and clear you would swear that somebody had sat next to the recorder and just spoke into it. It was louder than any of the investigators throughout the whole night.”

This appears to be new and exciting technology. Brad is willing to build these for people. You can contact him through his website www.spokaneparanormalteam.webs.com, or email: spokaneparanormalteam@yahoo.com. All proceeds go to fund his investigation team. AND, he will even custom paint it for you!

Now that fits nice with this comic strip today, eh?

Also, love the idea of using an old Playstation… I imagine those jewels gave off quite a bit of EMFs in their time. Just think those kids back then are the messed up adults of today. 😉