Joshua Gates, star of Destination Truth and host of many Ghost Hunters specials on SYFY was reported missing after a dive in the Bermuda Triangle.

“He went down and didn’t come back up,” said Bill the boat guy.

Team member Jael said, “We had communication until he mentioned something about a checking out a black hole on the ocean floor, then all went static. Guess we’ll be looking for a new host next season…”

Shortly after a mysterious mist rolled in the team had to abandon the search and everyone went off to the local pub for a few beers.

The whereabouts of Mr. Gates is unknown. However, strange reports have surfaced from a web comic on the internet that claims to have located him. Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic character Arno Alkaloid has reported unusual activity centered around his cartoon portable hole. Earlier this week a small boat dropped out of it. Mr. Alkaloid claims to have experienced a connection with his portable hole and the Bermuda Triangle previously. “We expect to see Josh Gates any time now,” he speculated.

The Coast Guard and the FBI are investigating. Rumor has it they have called in animators from Warner Brothers and Pixar for advice. We will keep you updated.

Yes, this is a joke… DUH!