I had a conversation concerning the EMF pump with Barry FitzGerald of Ghost Hunters International, co-author with Dustin Pari of the book The Complete Approach. Barry also wrote the forward to my new book Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic – Paranormal Humor for the Ghost Hunter’s Soul.

Barry’s take on this is there is no proof that EMF fields attract spirits. He basically indicated, if it were true our dishwashers would be collecting entities every time we loaded them up for a wash.

I have a hypothesis on this… What attracts spirits to a Ouija board, a table tipping or even a digital voice recorder, and finally an EMF pump is the intention of the user. If you set out with intentions of attracting ghosts and you BELIEVE the device you have will do this, you send off vibrations into the universe that say, “YES, I want to chat with spirits.” It is THIS that attracts them, not some physical device.

This all comes out of the theories on intention put forth by many quantum physicists and spiritual leaders. It’s also the Law of Attraction touted by many. I continually study this phenomenon and hope to gain more clarity the more I investigate.

Weigh in! I’d like to hear some other takes on this…