I did a short 5am investigation of a local long-term care facility that I’ve looked into before. The new claims were motion censor lights going on without any apparent physical cause.

While I didn’t get to experience that, I did get a little play on the EMF detector when I asked EVP questions. Previously, I did get some EVPs from this place. The female spirit of a young suicide victim haunts here and possibly one other as there was a second voice of a male.

This was a tough place to gain baseline EMF (electromagnetic field) readings. There is a lot of equipment as it is a kitchen and cafe are chocked full of freezers, ovens and various gizmos - not to mention automatic doors, weird wires in the walls. However, I was able to camp out in one spot and eliminated the possibility of fluctuations with the various equipment cycles. I did seem to get significant spikes based on responses to questions.

It’s a tough place to hear with all the buzzing from the equipment, so any possible knocks I asked for won’t be apparent until I review the digital recording.

I did get the sense of a presence. It was tough for me to read as I am exceptionally sensitive to the equipment EMF fields and I cannot trust 100% what I was picking up on.

The neat thing was most of the activity has been noted to happen around the time I went in. With ghosts, timing is everything! Let’s see if it paid off…

Time to go build some coffee!


BTW! I NEARLY FORGOT! There’s an article about Entities-R-Us on Eagan Cox’s Website. http://www.elizabetheagancox.net/id29.html Author of the Shannon Delany Paranormal Mystery Novels just introduced a feature called “Flip the Ink” where Eagan interviews various paranormal personalities and in this case, cartoonists! So, check it out! It’s quite fun!