Today wraps up the Queen City Paracon cartoons. We end with the winner of the Guest Draw Raffle – Tony McClure. Which reminds me I need to send him his signed print! (Mental note to the mental!)

I want to thank Rich Scanlon and Jake Cunningham for putting this event together. AND, I’d like to thank Tyler Terry for carting us around in his “limo”. I also want to thank Jeff Belanger for being way too entertaining, the Klinge Brothers for tolerating my jokes, Carl Johnson for letting me rib him about his resemblance to Kevin Spacey, Dena for posing “rock star”, Beau the Mystery Machine owner, Aaron Houdini for putting his shoulder out of joint for our entertainment, Syd Schultz for impersonating a biker dude, KitKat for introducing me to Anime paranormal, Jake’s parents for being cool, Toni for workin’ so hard and feedin’ me a Sammy A, and everyone else I met that I can’t remember because my mind is so full of crap!


BTW: I was on Spooky South Coast’s radio show last night. Catch the podcast which will be up soon! It was a good one! We not only talked comics, but the haunting of Houghton Mansion and my psychomanteum stint I did for 30-Odd Minutes which will run on Tuesday.