Yes, I looked into just how many cartoons I’ve done so far… While my mind was still at 1, I discovered I’ve put out close to 680! WooHOO!

Since I missed my 100th and my 500th celebration, today we celebrate 680ish! Get out your party hats, grab a beer and dance around the living room.

GUEST DRAW GHI’S Robb Demarest and Andy Andrews…

…are on deck for Sunday! Brandy Green asked me when I was going to draw Robb and if I would ever draw Andy. So, I just did.

This one is pretty funny… in an intellectual way as only a comic philosopher like myself could write it.

Better to be comically philosophical than pseudo-ly intellectual that’s what I always say. Though it can be fun to feign pseudo intellectuality and bust up a few large words for good measure.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Bust Up Big Words! – Keep it simple…


BTW: Spellcheck just confirmed I cannot spell the word feign… I typed fein. 😉