Yes, my buddy Jeff Belanger has come out with yet another book, Legend Tripping! He’s a book machine! This one sounds really cool… It’s a guide to discovering everything from ghosts to UFOs in your backyard! WooHOO!

Anyone who has seen Jeff’s talk about urban legends and how they form will  be delighted with this one. So pick yours up at (I’m sending you here so you will check out this cool website.) If you don’t want to browse, this is direct:

Also catch Jeff every Tuesday on 30 Odd Minutes!


Yes, the scientific experiment of drinking out of an Entities-R-Us, Josh Gates Guest Draw Mug is yielding success! Amanda Rosenblatt of the Destination Truth Fan Site has discovered her Entities-R-Us mug is having a positive effect on her recovery from surgery. Although, in the photo below it doesn’t look it… 🙂

Amanda Rosenblatt Healing with Entities-R-Us and Josh Gates

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts and HEAL UP!

Also last week for Josh Gates Mugs! Next will be Dustin Pari! http://www.cafepress/ERUGuestDraw