I am official a columnist for Live Paranormal’s New Online Magazine. I join the ranks of Barry FitzGerald, Dustin Pari, Scotty Roberts, Deonna Kelli-Sayed to name a few. “Para-toonistic Philosophy 101” is the title. This leaves it wide open for me to really dig deep into my para-philosophies. I hope to cough up some good humor in the process.

You can find Live Paranormal here at


It’s worth registering to join this community! Excellent info and top names involved.


I am joining Haunted Hudson Valley and Afterlife Investigations of New York in a preliminary investigation of a Library in Wappingers Falls. Reports of the ghost of a paper boy have lured us there. If this works out well, it could be the site for an upcoming para-workshop.


I am amazed how easy it is to tie Christmas to a paranormal cartoon… Of course, I think I can connect just about anything together if I open enough file cabinets in my brain. There will be some amusing holiday ‘toons showing up and capping off on Christmas day. You will find out where Santa REALLY gets his gifts from… Who needs elves?


I have just released a children’s book; one that has sat in my drawer for a long time. Many people have requested it, so I launched in on Create Space starting today. You will be able to find it on Amazon as well.

Can I Ride – My First Book About Riding Horses

by Terri J. Garofalo

“A child’s first book about riding horses. A fun way to introduce children to proper horsemanship in an easy to read picture book. Follow Sara’s journey as she learns to be a responsible horsewoman caring for Rosie the pony and riding for the first time. Written and illustrated by artist, author, cartoonist and equestrian, Terri J. Garofalo.”

Find it here!