I finally added the Queen City Paracon 2010 Event which includes the Cincinnati Music Hall investigation with the Klinge Brothers of Ghost Lab, Carl Johnson and Dena Palazini of Haunting on Animal Planet, etc.. There are picts, comics and an account of the entire fun and excitement. EVPs are on a page just off of this one. There were some really interesting ones!

You can find it the Paranormal Evidence on the menu bar. Click on it, then wave your cursor over to release the drop down. Click on Cincinnati Music Hall for the main account. The EVPs are on a page off of that one, just hover for the drop-down again. The reason I’m explaining this is because there are folks out there who don’t seem to know how to get there. So if you do, just ignore this last part.

Soon I’ll be re-loading the account of the haunted house I lived in for ten years. That’s a good story… I also have EVPs from there as well.

More to come!


Alcaspazz Prison Investigation will continue into next week. However, Sunday we celebrate Carl’s Death Day! Thor has a big party planned! Stay tuned!

February 1oth, 10pm EST, I will be on Para-X with Psychic Sandiee. So mark your calendars! Check out here show here: Soul Chat

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!