If you happen to be in Rhinebeck this week for the Dutchess County Fair, I will be there on Tuesday manning the Periwinkles booth in Building B. I will have Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic  books on hand and signed. Wednesday-Friday I will in the Periwinkles shop in town at 24 East Market Street, across from the bank parking lot. Drop and visit! Saturday, I will be signing Entities-R-Us books at the Distinctly Dutchess tent in Building D from 12-4. So, come by an get your book personalized!

Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic – Paranormal Humor for the Ghost Hunter’s Soul


Now I’m going to rant- well, maybe not a true rant… I’ve been sooo good and sooo vegan for several months now. But today I just had to break code. My inner carnivore rose to the surface and demanded chicken wings. I acquiesced. No guilt. No shame. Now I can resume my veganizing having fed the monster within. Ahhh. DAMN, it was GOOD! 😉

I don’t believe in being strict at anything. I live life loosely with no pressure. While I enjoy the health benefits of a mostly vegan lifestyle, that doesn’t mean I won’t indulge in a few favorite comfort foods. I chose to eat organic foods, mostly veggies because I want to feel good. However, there is something spiritually nourishing about a treat. Alas, I had my treat. Although I will definitely get a hold of some batter fried onion rings at the fair… a major weakness for sure! LOL

Joke Manifests Crazy Ass Idea

I was goofing around with Ron Bordner of Alpha Ghost Team and his buddy Scott Tepperman on Facebook about Ron joking about being a rabid fan of his pal Scott. Jokingly, I said I would sign and old sock and mail it to him for his collection of celebrity paraphernalia. Needless to say, I mailed the aforesaid sock this morning. Yes, I washed it! The darned thing is riddled with holes (I wear my clothes till they fall off). I wrote a nice long note and even drew a sketch of Arno and Merv on it. I will post a picture of it after Ron gets it in the mail. It’s hilarious! Just think, there are plenty of celebrities who have never been asked to sign socks! LOL This just goes to show how loosely I use the term celebrity…

Ghost Hunt on Saturday!

Patchett House round two for IndyPara will happen Saturday night. We have a lot of unfinished business with the ghosts there. I have some questions about EVPs and some research I’ve dug up. We will be join by Pou Para Investigators for this round. We have a lot of cool things planned. AND, we are going to be filmed again. I’m not sure of the particulars. I leave that up to my fellow co-founder Donna. I just show up for the ghosts.

So, look forward to some new evidence!

Eat Cookies! Hunt Ghosts! Read Comics!