The last couple of cartoons are among my favorites of the old strip, Wabbit Hutch. The character Wizzle is a sardonic, semi-stoic, quick to anger kind of guy. He is probably not on Peta’s list of d0-gooders… especially for using Fido the cat as “cat gut” string for his tennis racket. Fido is no innocent either. He tends to tear Wizzle up when he’s not looking. He makes Snoopy’s cat next door look like an angel.

I miss drawing these characters sometimes. I had many years of fun playing with this crew. It took me some time to warm up to the Entities-R-Us characters. They evolved as I wrote and drew. Of course, Wabbit Hutch was the same. You just don’t erase years of cartooning… In fact, take a good look at Radar’s ears. You will see Arno’s hair in there.

I’ll be back to cartooning at the end of the month. I wanted to ease the pressure of the holidays, masters degree and work by having a comic sabbatical of sorts. There are two investigations I need to cartoon, plus post EVPs. My team is heading in to Big Guy Media this weekend to wrap up the reviews for the two episodes of Paranormal Valley that will air in the spring. We have a full docket for January and February so far. There will be more evidence and entertainment coming your way!

Stay tuned! Meanwhile, enjoy Wabbit Hutch! It’s about time it was published, dontcha think?

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!