Sunday is the last day of my Masters Degree! It’s celebration time! Now all the work I’ve put on hold will be back in motion. I feel like a dam is about release!

This has been an amazing experience. I have learned new skills, and more importantly, how NOT to be a technophobe. Yes, I am embracing my inner nerd.

I am unsure how this will translate into a new job. I’m going to play it intuitively. I still would prefer to win Mega Millions and just work on my comic strip, developing product and writing books for it, as well as the paranormal stuff. However, it will be rewarding to apply my skills and talents to the business sector. I have allowed my career to flow into unique situations. I enjoy interesting experiences, even if they were low paying. I prefer a position where I can make a positive contribution and create change and growth for a company. Alas, I’m entrepreneurial in nature and that has led me to work with many clients with new ventures. The results of this have not always been financially positive for me. Yet, the experiences have been rewarding.

Currently, I’m looking down several paths and unsure of which to take. I usually choose the one less traveled by, but I’m keeping the options open. Like Gandalf, I’m seeking the one that smells fresher, as I’ve done my time in Moria and need to come up for air.