The loss of my computer has caused me to make some decisions regarding Entities-R-Us. Ultimately, I want this ‘toon “Kindle-friendly.” So, I’m working on a new format. Just be patient while I fix the equipment. I also want to leave myself more time to draw and write some books, so I will go down to 5 comics a week. This leaves me the weekend to write and draw.

I want all of you to pray for my data. Sorting in that out now. Luckily my machine was still under warranty. I’ve never gone this long without posting a comic… I can only tell you how deep the depression of not comicking goes… Yikes, it sucks!

I’ve pulled out the bristol pad and will be hand drawing until I get my computer back. The wacom tablet does not work by plugging into my skull. Yes, I tried it. So, I’m into the pen and ink again.

Hang in there! I’m coming back!

Also, I did a preliminary investigation at my horse’s new barn. It seems there are paranormal experiences reported. The horses have been wigging out at night. So, I hav eto get to the bottom of this. I did an EVP session today. We will see what it yields.

AND, Friday I go to UTICA, New York to host a GHOST TRAIN! I’m doing a lecture and hosting this train. I will also participate in the paranormal investigation.

Make sure you go! There may be tickets left!

I’ll come at ya again during the week.