I’ve been sneaking in ‘toons between work this week. Sometimes I don’t know where the humor comes from. But, I will say cartooning is an awesome release from a hectic work week. It’s interesting to see how much I depend on this.

I keep tossing around new ideas of what to do for my next book and if and when I will do a magazine…

There are plenty of paranormal investigations planned though! My team IndyPara and it’s sibling Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators are hitting it hard this year. So, you will have lots to look forward to.

In fact, the Garrison comics contain a few paranormal anomalies caught on camera by myself and Donna Parish-Bischoff. I love including evidence in the cartoons. It’s just cool!

So, enjoy. I’ll be wrapping up the Garrison cartoons soon as I’ll eventually run out of gags. Then, there is more to come!