You know it has to be some sixth sense that kicks in when your hair stands up. Does this mean it’s a ghost, monster, or just danger? Perhaps it can mean all three, depending on the circumstance. Usually, fear creeps in and one feels the need to flee or protect the body.

If you analyze it, it really means there is an energy shift and you are perceiving it. It could be a throwback to those days when we needed to be on high alert for attacks from wild beasts, an instinctual behavior. However, I’m hedging my bets on the higher self giving fair warning.

We all show up on the planet to have a conscious physical experience. Once, eaten, it’s over. So, I imagine the higher self would want to keep us around for a bit. Therefore, it would steer us from danger, or turn us on to something we need to pay attention to.

So, when you feel that uneasy prickle, ask yourself, “what’s up with that?” You may discover an amazing answer… AND, it may NOT be a bad thing at all. There’s always the hope it’s a winning lotto ticket at your feet!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Don’t be Afraid of Your Shadow!