My Mom has been mentioning some paranormal goings on the home front. So,  I took it upon myself to bring the KII meter up to see what we could get for hits. Mom and I sat in the kitchen as the rest of the fam hung out in the living room. Mom and I talked about the many pies Grammy White made and how Mom is making them now. Sure enough, the lights began to flash.

Mom has previous trouble with earrings going missing and turning up in the oddest places. She would lose one out of her ear and find it directly centered on the door mat or in other obvious places. As she and I talked about this, the KII lit up quite a bit.

Mom feels Grammy is responsible for this. When she mentioned this, there was a hit. We both asked for the spirits to fnd Mom’s diamond earring she lost last summer. This one was a legitimate loss. Well, the KII lit up like crazy. So, now we await the return of the missing earring! I’ll let you know if it shows up for Christmas!

I do not advocate people trolling for dead relatives. I have experience with this sort of thing, so my intentions are clear about what energies I’m inviting in. It was heartwarming to know our relatives are still with us for the holidays. Thanksgiving was always a big holiday for our family. We spent nearly every one at grandparents’ house. I have felt their presence during these festivities long after they had passed.

Our loved ones never go far. They are always right next to us, watching and enjoying those important events we wish they could see. It’s nice to know they do.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!