Good question! For some people it does. It’s about belief. Our minds fabricate a lot of interesting stuff… We shape our worldly experience through thought and belief systems. When we make the transition, we essentially see what we expect. That seems to be the consensus of many of those who have near death experiences. Some report seeing a tunnel of light to heaven, others a horror.

Hell was invented by religion to scare the masses into conforming to church mandates. People took it as gospel and plugged it into their belief systems. So, essentially, it was invented. But, since we create our own realities through thought, it becomes real for us. Belief can be so powerful it can cause manifestation of those deepest fears into the physical realm. When someone says they have “seen the devil,” it’s quite real for them. The rest of us may not see it.

As we evolve spiritually, much of this “hell” stuff is falling away. We are becoming more conscious about how we live our lives. Most of us do not need a church or government to make us behave. We do so naturally, as it doesn’t make sense to harm others or the environment. The shift is happening. And so we begin to question the existence of the horrors we’ve been brought up to fear. We are becoming masters of our own creation. It has become evident our thoughts shape our now and our future. In the present moment we must choose guide our thoughts and emotions to effect our world experience. Yes, we are responsible. Take the time to move toward joy. It will make a major difference in your life experience.

For me, hell does not exist. I’ve experienced it on Earth by virtue of not knowing how to control my thoughts. But, I’m cleaning that up and things are looking rosier all the time. That doesn’t mean I won’t hit those bumps life puts up, but I’ll be able to leap them cleaner without the usual face plant.