Alas, today is the launch day for the Entities-R-Us website. My intentions have been fulfilled. I’m up and running on the exact day I specified over a month ago. That’s pretty good for a less-than chronic procrastinator…

And so, I salute my readers and readers to be with a glass of Santa Alicia Gran Reserva 2003 cabernet sauvignon (pronounce that like you see it, it’s far funnier), a snazzy little wine from Chile whose mountains feed the flavors of grapes quite wonderfully. Ahhhhh. I highly recommend Chilean wines. Good choice in most cases, never hit a dud.

I invite you to explore Entities-R-Us. It’s a strip borne from another that I did called In Spirit. In the near future, I plan to run In Spirit as a graphic novel of sorts. You’ll discover more of that later… and more of my other artistic ventures. The beauty of the web is that I have the opportunity to dredge out all the great ideas publishers were afraid of and test the waters for the audiences I know are there. There are definitely a lot more sick people than just me out there.

Entities was spawned from a haunting in the afore-mentioned comic strip. When you have a ghost, someone has to hunt it. Arno and Merv fell out of that. Erna was already a key member and Vlad was an afterthought and a good one at that.

I often like to write from the ghost’s perspective. “Who the hell is this in MY house!” I’ve had many paranormal experiences over the years. The first one was one of the more memorable. It was definitely a case of a guy who had no idea he was dead… and “who the HELL is this woman in MY ROOM!” One of these days I’ll recount that excitement.

It did spark my spiritual journey. I finally figured out there was more than just the physical. It has subsequently led to this cartoon. I hope to make you laugh and inspire some thought in the process.

I just want to say – enjoy! And, EAT COOKIES! (It doesn’t get much better than that.)

Thanks for watchin’!

Terri J. Garofalo – call me Tj, Terri or HEY YOU. I’ll answer to just about anything.