Nice to see this thing is still up and running. While I wouldn’t call myself a technophobe… I’m certainly quite techno-resistant. It took me a while to give up vinyl records. I’m still on CDs. I don’t own an IPod. Blackberries are something I make jam with (Yes, I’ve been known to make jam). I was the last person on Earth to give up my “analog” camera for digital. Glad I did – makes ghost hunting easier. Besides my old Nikon was a beast slamming off my gut on hikes.

So, this web thing had my pot in a stir, more like a maelstrom. I’m one of those sorts who had to know exactly how the clutch mechanism worked before I could drive standard. No one can tell me how the web works logistically… I’m never lost in the woods, but I was well in the weeds on the web. Four sleepless nights and nearly alienating my web host, Entities was up an running.

It’s a relief. I know I have to master this eventually – I never, ever, ever give up - so one of these days I’ll be a pro after leaving a mile’s worth of carnage in my wake.

Alas, publication has gone beyond the carburetor (something I could actually adjust myself) to fuel injection (something I WISELY leave to my mechanic).  Comics have come a long way since I used to draw them on my mother’s counter in the kitchen, snickerin’ my butt off.

Time to settle in… Until next post.

Eat Cookies!