In spite of full ink pens and frequent phone calls that I threatened not to answer, I diligently applied ink to the drawings of the first case study for Arno, Merv and the Entities crew. One of the fun things about this strip is that I can actually do a small story around an investigation.

As I continue my new ventures in the ghost hunting field, I’ll likely have some good fodder for the humor mill. Can’t wait to torture ya…

Tonight finds me “herding cats” – that’s the wine pick of the week. It’s much better than the last one I mentioned. Yes, it is a screw-top which grates on my principles, however once you tried this one, you’ll forgive and forget. “herding cats” hails from South Africa pressed from a fine selection of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz grapes. I sip this lovely glass while scanning the grass for those eyes I saw… eyes stalking me. Eyes that know that I will come into the proper vintage once I finish my glass of “herding cats”. Alas, I become a snack in the wilds of Africa over the pleasure of a really cool wine.

Thus, I am the victim of my own imagination. Nice to survive it and live to cartoon another day.


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