One thing that can keep me inside and working is a snow storm that has dumped six inches so far and is threatening freezing rain on top. The uncool thing is that I do not own a proper shovel… The pioneer that I generally am dictates that I be prepared for these kinds of things. However, I’ve unfortunately neglected that aspect of life recently and am thus up a snow-covered creek without a shovel.

Actually, I have one of those little foldy ones… That should be interesting. My New Hampshire upbringing has induced me not to take New York winters seriously. The winds of attitude must change. An hour from now will find me struggling to loosen my Destination Truth vehicle from the grips of winter’s arrival.

Anyhow… on a paranormal note: My good buddies at KPG, Kentucky Paranormal Group/Queen City Paranormal have joined forces with the Kling Brothers from Ghost Lab/Everyday Paranormal. They are officially the Kentucky based version of Everyday Paranormal. Recently, their new website launched. So, check it out.

I’ve got some shovelin’ to do… provided I can find my foldy one. Sheesh!