Today’s comic returns us to my investigation of the Houghton Mansion. It is based on a psychic impression I got entering John Widders’ room on the third floor.

As I entered I was greeted with a heavy pressure as if it were attempting to push me out. I entered anyway and captured these electronic voice phenomena.

Click here: Self1-WhatisName – “Get out of here! BEGONE!”

I presume this is John Widders asking me to leave. It proves my psychic impressions were correct!

Click here: Self2WhyNotWhy: As I say I’m not planning to stay long, I get this response. “Fine go.” Then after I speak again… “Fine get going.”

This validates the previous claims that John Widders does not want to be disturbed, that he prefers people leave him alone in his misery. April Sheerin, psychic medium, also received that message clearly later that evening.

These evps were gathered on my initial run-through before the actual investigation. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Widders on his own. Ironically, I think he showed up in my psychomanteum stint… and he was a lot more congenial.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!