My original perusal of Mary’s room in the Houghton Mansion gave me the feeling that I was intruding. Amazingly enough I caught and EVP that said, “Go.”

Many people have associated paranormal activity centered around a chair that “Mary”, apparently, does not want people to sit in. Of course, one of our investigative group sat in it with no prior knowledge of the stories. She did not have any experiences though.

Here are some of the EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) that I collected.

From solo run through.

Click to listen: Self-3-Go – “Go.”

These EVPs were caught durring the major investigation. You hear a male voice behind investigator’s. He says, “Ruthless.” My thought is that this is John Houghton. I caught a couple of EVPs that clearly indicate this entity was not happy with all the investigators in his house. A psychic picked that up as well and was able to tie it to Houghton.

Click to listen: MaryRoom2-Ruthless – “Ruthless.”

This one you hear the tail end of an investigator talking (which sounds weird, so don’t think that’s what to listen for). Then at the end you hear a clear male voice saying “LOOK!”

Click to listen: MaryRoom3-Look – “Look.”

Here we have a female voice that seems to faintly say, “You can approach me.”

Click to listen: MaryRoom5-LookUp-ApproachMe – “You can approach me.”

This one is intriguing. You can hear someone completing the sentence of the lead investigator who telling the group that they need to mark their audio. Before he says, “mark it,” something else says it for him. I’m am on the fence with that as it could be one of the group that just finishes his sentence, although it did not sound like anyone there. However, it did sound like a couple of other EVPs I got on investigation from whom I assume is Albert Houghton. I’d like to hear opinions on it. I’ve had EVPs where the spirit has commented on the investigation. An intelligent haunting is, after all, intelligent!

Click to listen: MaryRoom6-MarkIt – “Mark it.”

Having seen a photo of John Widders with one of the Houghton horses, I began to ask questions about their horses. I asked for the name of Mary’s horse and actually got a response. It’s very faint. Listen at the end of the clip for the name, “Eaton.”

Click to listen: MaryRoom11fadeAmp-NameofHorse-Eaton – “Eaton”

This one is an entire sentence. I cannot make out what it says entirely. The only portion I’m sure of is “We know you…” It’s a male voice and it sounds accusatory.

Click to listen: MaryRoom12-WeknowyouYouknowme – “We know you…”

This one seems to be saying “more are…” But, I cannot make out the rest of it confidently. You be the judge.

Click to listen: MaryRoom13-MoreAreOut – “More are…”

This is the last clip I picked up from Mary’s room. It seems to say, “Wrong, says I.” Obviously, our belligerent metaphysical friend is disagreeing with the lead investigator. No surprises there.

Click to listen: MaryRoom-WrongSaysI – “Wrong says I.”

I have a bit more audio to go through and some more EVPs to post.

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