Our foray into Albert Houghton’s room was a quiet one for the most part. At one point in the investigation a few of us saw flashes of light about the K2 meters and digital voice recorders we placed on the floor in the center of the room. These were faint sparkles of light. It as an interesting personal experience which wended its way into today’s cartoon. We got a couple EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) during this session.

This EVP shows a clear response of a “double knock” yes response to my question. There is a series of random knocks afterward, so there is no clear way of proving this is an actual response. So basically, it is just interesting.

Click here: HoughtonRm1-Knock

This next one is very faint. Someone asks if Mr. Houghton feels he has to say in this house. You can hear a faint yes. Turn up your sonic ears!

Click here: HoughtonRm3-Yes

This room was not as active as some of the others in the voice realm. The visual mini light show may have been using all the energies and curtailing any audio response.

More tomorrow! …including my psychomanteum stint for 30 Odd Minutes.