30 Odd Mention

Before we hear from out ghostly friends, I want to thank Jeff Belanger and the 30 Odd Minutes crew for showing Entities-R-Us on their program last night. http://www.300ddminutes.com <Note: I’ve made the link RED since Jeff complained about the yellow Converse I gave him in the comic. He claims he wears RED, which he displays on the show for “proof” – I know there has to be a yellow ones in his closet somewhere! HA! He’s lucky I didn’t make ’em hot pink.


The dining room was a very active place. This might be due to the high EMF field below the table (must be some electrical cables under there). After we left this room, a group with psychic April Sheerin did a seance. They had definitive replies from Albert Houghton and John Widders.

We picked up on an angry spirit, who I assume is Mr. Houghton. At this point in the evening he seemed to be quite fed up with the intrusion of investigators in his home. Here is what he said. This is definitely a “Class A” electronic voice phenomenon – I’d say A+

Click here: DiningRm1-CEASE – “CEASE!”

We discussed the ramifications of using a Ouija board. The spirits joined in on the discussion. This is one of the clearer responses.

 Click here: DiningRm3-ThatsTrue – “That’s true.” Commenting on discussion of Ouija being dangerous.

Since the discussion was about ghost hunting techniques, one of us smartly asked the spirits if they minded being ignored during the discussion.

Click here: DiningRm6-KeepTalking – “Keep talking.” Response to questioning the entities about feeling left out if we not talking to them.

A laugh appeared in the middle of Jerry’s talk. I got the feeling the entities were poking fun at him.

Click here: DiningRm8-UhHuhorLaugh – “Ha Ha.”

We had a plea in the background of this clip. The spirits were definitely sick of us – the guests who wouldn’t leave.

Click here: DiningRm11-PleaseLeaveUs – “Please leave us.” Underneath Jerry speaking.

We must have commented on the lack of activity and where the ghosts went… So, we were answered.

Click here: DiningRm12-unknown – “We’re behind you.”

I asked them if it was difficult for them to operate the K-2 Meter lights. Apparently, Mr. Houghton (or some male spirit) found that insulting.

Click here: DiningRm13-HellNo – “Hell, No!” Answer to question if they are having a difficult time setting off K-2 lights. This is a good clear one too.

A soft refusal to cooperate here… It’s very faint at the end of the clip. Turn up the headphones!

Click here: DiningRm14-No – “No.” Answer at the end of clip after we ask them to light K-2.

Resorting to knock responses, I actually got one! This is interesting because, simultaneously one of us saw 2 lights flash up the wall close to the ceiling. I can’t call it paranormal, but it’s definitely interesting.

Click here: DiningRm15a-KnockFlash – Here is a knock response after asked to knock. And, light anomaly appears as double flash at the same time.

The Houghton was definitely a very active site. I have more tomorrow!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!