I saved this very unusual electronic voice phenomenon for Friday’s comic, as it relates. In the beginning of our investigation we convened in the Houghton Mansion’s Masonic Temple to say a prayer of protection with Shaman Reverend Steve Wilson. Near the end of our session some of us heard and felt a hum. This is what my recorder picked up. (I am soooo glad I leave this thing on much of the time!)

Click here: MasonicHall-hum – Sounds like “ohmmmmmmmm” Over the prayer the Steve is saying.


Robin Benway was the winner of the Entities-R-Us Guest Draw Raffle at the Harvest Moon Paracon. She is up in Sunday’s slot… POOR MERV! Merv will be severely challenged in this one, more so than he has ever been by any ghost!


This should be the last of ’em! I think I’ve out done myself, electronic voice phenomenally speaking.

These came from Widders room on the third floor. He was not happy with us… AND, the Paranormal Puck makes fun of our lead investigator! Hysterical! I want one of these things on my desk at home just to hand out random commentary.

Click here: WiddersRm1-Oops – Had a tough time figuring out this male voice… sounds almost like “oops” or “oobs” at the end of it. But there is more before it.

Click here: WiddersRm2-aww – Male voice says “Awww.”

Click here: WiddersRm3-TheyMissYou – Female voice, perhaps child comments on my indicating I was there earlier. “They miss you.” I’d like to know who “they” are…

Click here: WiddersRm4-FollowFollowMe – This one is faint after I speak. “Follow, follow me.”

Click here: WiddersRm5-No – Comment from a female voice. “No.”

Click here: WiddersRm7a-BreathWEHEARD – This is a breath sound that almost sounds like “Hello”. The curious thing is Jerry heard it on his headphones and I heard it audibly.

Click here: WiddersRm8-tongueclicks – This can only be explained as “paranormal tongue clicking”…

Click here: WiddersRm9-horseresponse – I almost think this is the horse’s name. Sounds a  bit like “Humble Patchy”… though I may be WAY off.

Click here: WiddersRm10a-WhyAllComeIDontKnow – This is faint. “Why all come here, I don’t know.”

Click here: WiddersRm11-IWillBeltYou – “I will come and belt you! Phhtttt!!” This is tough to make out. I probably should have amplified it. It’s a male voice, I assume John Widders.

Click here: WiddersRm12-ParaPuckThereHeGoes – This is the Paranormal Puck choosing its words carefully… It seems to be commenting on lead investigator Jerry’s talk. “There he goes…”

Click here: WiddersRm13-HarkSound – This is a harking sound like someone clearing their throat. No one owned up to it, but some of us heard it audibly. Could it be an investigator? Perhaps. We’ll never know.

Click here: WiddersRm14-GoHome – This is faint, but it definitely says, “Go home.”

In the end I suppose Widder wanted us to go home and leave him the hell alone. Wrapping up this investigation. It was a phenomenal place to spend an evening. I’m sorry that some of the spirit did not enjoy it as much or felt intruded upon.

We often forget that these are people we are dealing with. It is unkind to invade their homes and demand answers. I hope that most of us take that into account when they step into a haunted location.

I formally apologize to Mr. Houghton, John Widders and Mary for invading their home. And, I thank them for their cooperation.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghost! – respectfully, of course.