Amanda Rosenblatt is the ringleader for the Official Josh Gates, Destination Truth Fansite. This one:

She manages this enormous undertaking with her “Gaga-esque” style and energetic wit. She has even managed to make it into an Entities-R-Us, Guest Draw with Josh… talk about gate crashing! Sheesh! Guess I’m not strick about who sneaks in the back door.

Anyway, including Amanda has it’s perks… In her Vlog Entities-R-Us gets a cameo role showing the official Josh Gates Guest Draw Mug purchased by Amanda this month.

Have a view:

THIS IS THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEK THAT YOU CAN GET A JOSH GATES GUEST DRAW MUG, T-SHIRT and POSTER. The Guest Draw series are limited editions. The 15th it switches to Dustin Pari.

Check it out today!

AND, for those who’ve been asking who don’t want to click on the STORE the Entities-R-Us Book, Paranormal Humor for the Ghost Hunter’s Soul can be had here:

Yes, Amanda’s a hoot… reminds me of how crazy I was in the day… (Later part of the Jurassic period.) Of course, I’m still nuts. So there is no hope for her. Oh well. If you are a dedicated Gates fan… or DT fan, make sure you check out her fan site. It’s well done.