Yeah, I did it… I created a Facebook Page for Entities-R-Us ghost Thor. If you want to be a fan you can find him searching: Ghost Thor’s Fan Page

So far, he’s been fairly vocal on his fan site. Drop in, say hello, leave some comments on his wall.

Today, you may notice Thor has discovered he is actually a Visigoth and not a Viking (at least in that lifetime). So, all of you who thought the Vikings sacked Rome, you were wrong.

I was wrong! So, I had to do some historical sidestepping… Thank God for reincarnation! When you have a ghost character, you can always play the reincarnations card. I actually did some major research in order to piece together plausible historical facts in regards to Thor and Carl. I even managed to tie in Attila the Hun properly. I’ll post all of it at some point.

This is what I love about creating characters… the development. I am amazed how these two ghost characters took off. I had no idea when I dreamed them up as supporting cast members for Ouija Nite, that people would respond so well to them. They are really fun to write for too.

Enjoy Thor’s fan page. More is upcoming in regards to Thor and Carl… in fact a very intriguing series is on it’s way. Stay tuned!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!