Staatsburg Library

IndyPara is in the neighborhood!

We had a full house at the Staatsburg Library last night for our paranormal talk. Fellow ParaIndy member Donna Parish-Bischoff and I entertained quite a few folks with our take on ghosts and the spirit realm. We did film and an hope to post it on YouTube at some point. (I better check the footage first! LOL.)

The crowd before it became standing room only!

Quite a few people shared personal stories. We went way over time because this was our first one and we just had too much material. People seemed to enjoy it. Many stayed til the end. We played some EVPs from the library itself, as well as from the recent Patchett House investigation. We even showed the sink moving clip from the episode of “Paranormal Valley”

Entities-R-Us takes center stage. Of course I wore my hat!

Terri (left) and Donna (right) talk ghost.

Merv showed up for a thermal reading of the crowd.

We played some EVPs Indy picked up in an April Investigation of the library, as well as some from the recent Patchett investigation. Below are the ones we used in the presentation. These are really clear ones, so you’re likely to hear ’em!

From Staatsburg Library

Click Here > A-SL-1-WhosThat – “Who’s that?” Taken from the attic as we were walking up.

Click Here > B-SL-2-DontCallMe – “Don’t call me.” Also in the attic.

Click Here > C-SL-29-HearFredrick – “Hear Fredrick.” I was asking spirits to talk into the voice recorder so we may hear them.

Click Here > D-SL-30-Guido – “Guido.” I guess he wanted to introduce himself. He even sounds Italian.

Click Here > E-SL-36-DidHeEnd – “Gideon.” It took me a while to figure this one out. That’s not a name you hear these days.

Click Here > F-SL-36-ScaryWereAnxious – “Scary. We’re anxious.” The spirits were uncomfortable with us at first. This is a significant capture.

Patchett House EVPs

Click Here > G-its-right-gone -1 – “It’s right gone.” Sounds like someone from another era. Remember there were no male investigators this time.

Click Here > H-youre a dufus – “You’re a dufus.” Donna was ridiculed paranormally on this outing.

Click Here > I-80-Patchett-VoiceOverDani – You hear a mans voice come over the top of Dani’s discussion of a spirit she senses. We can’t make out what is said. You be the judge.

Click Here > J-93-Patchett-CourageDontWantHerToLeaveHere – “Courage… DON’T WANT TO LEAVE HERE.” This is a significant one, not only because it is a loud Class A, but it was captured at the same time I took the photos with the black mass (see the post a couple days ago).

Click Here > K-101-Patchett-DontBlameMe – “Don’t blame me.” It’s never the ghost’s fault…

Click Here > L-102-Patchett-GodItsSoFunny – “God, it’s so funny.” This is one of those EVPs I wouldn’t believe unless I knew there were not males in the building. There weren’t, unless you count the spirits!

Click Here > M-103-Patchett-WhenItComesToCurseCanYouBehaveYourself – “When it comes to curse, can you behave yourself?” The spirits thought I said some naughty words…

Click Here > N-105-Patchett-John – “John.” We have a name… time to research!

Our gracious host Lorraine provided refreshment and a projector for our Power Point presentation. She even had a tech guy to help talk my Mac into communicating with more PC familiar library equipment. Ultimately everything worked out well.

I want to thank Donna Davies from Haunted Hudson Valley for loaning me an adapter for my Mac… SHE KNOWS! Presentations can go south quick without the right tools! Donna also took these awesome picts for us! Thanks for you help! Make sure you visit

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!