Saturday afternoon and evening, my team IndyPara joined members of two other local teams (M3P and Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators) to help a family experiencing serious paranormal activity. Since the case involved frightened children, we acted quickly.

Many of the claims were easily debunked. Socks appearing in odd places were the fault of the family dog. The excessive heat appeared to be a faulty thermostat. An exploding cordless phone battery was the result of the dog chewing it. Closing doors were the nature of the doors. However, I detected an energy in the baby room closet. This was confirmed by Gail of M3P who has psychic abilities. We both felt it was a little girl. As I drew her out, I could feel cold extending up to my hip level on my left. It felt as if she had her arms around my waist. It was an amazing feeling. Gail confirmed she could feel the coolness where I expressed it to be.

Gail and I worked really hard to convince her to go to the light and see he family. The Ovilus played an interesting role. It seemed to describe a creek, an island, rope… etc. It seemed to lead to the possibility of the girl drowning or being drown in the creek. Yes, we found a creek behind the home and an island of trees. We had plenty of interesting hits that seemed to measure up to the young girl being skeptical about crossing and finally deciding to go. The energy was much lighter in that room and closet after she appeared to have gone.

We finished the evening by clearing the negative energy that was affecting the family and probably holding the little girl. We used a myriad of methods from biblical holy water and crucifix, to Native American sage, to just forcibly driving it out vocally and physically pushing out the energy. I followed Arra’s blessing in the name of Jesus Christ with ‘GET THE F** OUT OF THIS HOUSE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME! LEAVE NOW!” Afterward I was captured on the infrared with a few orbs circling me. I had my crystals, my prayer card, etc and made use of all of them. Once I returned home, I got into the shower to wash any energies away.

Video of some of our clearing… Note the car alarm goes off afterwards… almost like the spirit was angry, stalked off and banged the hood of Arra’s car.



I don’t advise anyone attempting to clear a home to do it alone or without learning the proper methods. Always seek help, but always make sure they are credible. This is something you do not want to fool around with. We’re still not sure this entity wasn’t attached to the homeowner, who dabbled with a Ouija when she was young. Playing with a Ouija board is playing with fire. If you open the portal and don’t close it, it remains open and “stuff” will follow you… So, best leave it alone.

Play safe! 🙂

I’ll let you know if this worked.

Eat Cookies, or in my case organic jalepeno cheese doodles, and hunt ghosts!