It’s been quite a week for me, discovering my horse has a potentially debilitating disease and researching solutions for that. Work is REALLY busy, although it’s fun. Drawing is becoming an anchor, along with the humor. Many artists say they couldn’t survive without the process of art. What they really mean, is it takes them from the insanity of living into a world apart, which is presence.

Eckhart Tolle talks about “living in the NOW,” i.e. in the moment. Creation is just that. One becomes involved in the act of process, evoking the creative higher self. It’s a healing activity which helps us cope with the physical world.

It’s been pretty helpful at many turning points in my life. Some folks seek a therapist outside themselves, I seek an inner one.

I’m getting the writing bug again. It’s time to resume my second book. It’s been postponed for too long!