Once again, someone will need to report me for character abuse… POOR MERV! I’ve done a lot of nasty things to this poor guy, but this one takes the cake. How will he survive this one? Alas, he’s a cartoon character, they will revive as long as he has an audience.

I forgot why zombies became the topic of discussion… Usually I remember where the inspiration came from. Today, not. So, you can make up an excuse for me.

I’m still going through evidence from the last two ghost hunts. Sheesh! I never seem to find enough time blocks to scan audio. I’m hoping to finish up this weekend. At that point, I will have something to post on the Harmony House. I will also be able to do some cartoons based on it as well.

Meanwhile, it’s ZOMBIE TIME! I still don’t understand how people can fear the “undead” or expect them to show up on the doorstep for a brain snack. Would one of you please explain this phenomenon?


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