Harmony house photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Harmony House Bed and Breakfast – Saugerties, NY photo by Terri J. Garofalo

Hey gang,

I’m working on paranormal evidence from our last investigation. We were at the Harmony House in Saugerties in February. It is not a known haunted location, but we did manage to get some hits on the KII meter as well as pick up a few EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) so far. Right now I’m going through seven hours of audio.

This works great for cartooning as I’m scanning on my old windows machine and drawing on my laptop. It’s taken an hour to discover four EVPs, which means this is not a particularly haunted location if at all. The neighboring home has activity. There are no known experiences in this location. Many places have some spirits on board, but they are quiet for the most part. Sometimes the energy of a person will bring them out. But, for the most part they remain dormant, a part of the fabric of the home.

This seems to be the case at Harmony House. This is a warm welcoming bed and breakfast. It is immaculately decorated in a French country theme. The place is gorgeous. If you care to visit Saugerties or Woodstock, NY, this is the place to stay. Ghosts, if there are any, will not disturb you. You are minutes from the famed Woodstock at the base of the Catskill mountains.

Busy little me has posted a cartoon for you. My lava lamp is running on my desktop as the paranormal evidence mounts. I’m working on more cartoons. Yes, I will be doing a photo comic series with the Harmony House. So, stay tuned!

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