It’s probably not paranormal, but I’ve lost my keys and SOMEBODY TOOK ‘EM! They were in my house. I didn’t go anywhere… but the keys did! I’ve torn the place apart, looked EVERYWHERE… possibly my spouse threw out a bag with them in it?… possibly they are lost in my office?… OR THE GHOST TOOK ‘EM!

Like I said, it’s probably not paranormal, but it seems to be the only answer. I had an object disappear and reappear before in this house. So, it would not be the first time. I’m only hoping this one will reappear soon.

So, how does one get a ghost to give up what it took? I’m attempting bribery. I said I’d talk to him/her with my recorder if the keys came back. So far, this has not yielded any results. I will have to think of new ways to weasel them out. Then again… They could be out with the trash, and that has gone to Mr. Landfill by now.

Either way, I’m keyless. (Yes, I’ve made new copies, so I get get into my house.) I suppose it’s not a big deal, just relatively annoying.

Any of you have any ghostly theft issues? Do tell!

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