I am back from my brief respite with the family. We managed to pull off two gatherings, one with each side. I am still recuperating from the annual, or semi-annual madcap badminton match. We battled in 90 plus temperature. Needless to say, we were all down a quart when we finished. The only way to make us quit before we dropped dead of heat exhaustion was to be placated by Mom’s rhubarb pie. It is wasn’t for pie, I’d be in the hospital with dehydration and smelling something awful from all the sweat and grass stains. After a match like that, there is no guilt about eating ANYTHING.

So, I’m home now. Lake Skatutakee has been well swum. Loads of photos were taken… some purposed for today’s comic. I am continuing with sea monster theme for a bit. I still enjoy throwing in photos as a backdrop for a cartoon. This being a freshwater lake, and thus nearly impossible for a sea monster to appear adds an amusing ingredient. I did worry one of my cousins with the possibility of freshwater sea monsters. You know I had a great time with that… I nearly had her convinced! (Actually, she was humoring me.)

It’s great to settle into some cartooning after all the excitement. Between cartoons and my horse, I get a fair amount of “zen” time. Art and horses are a great way to enjoy the present moment. The process of drawing is conducive to being aware of form and activity. Horses, for some strange reason, command your attention. For the time you are with them, nothing else exists. You are totally focused on the entity of horse. It is active stillness… sometimes too active when the horse has a meltdown. But, being relaxed and present calms the horse and allows stillness to creep in again. It is just wonderful, healthy energy. I recommend it!

I also recommend cartoons! These little jewels awaken healing laughter! It works on me! AND, it works on Entities-R-Us fans. There are many testimonies of those overturning a lousy day with a good chuckle. Alas, this must be why I draw them.

Enuff philosophizing!

Eat Cookies! Hunt Ghosts, Read Comics!