Many people recount experiences of smelling specific flowers before a relative passes, or while remembering a lost loved one. Some experience the smell of cooking, perfume, or cigar wafting through an enclosed space where those scents should not be. Personally, I experienced pipe smoke off and on at a home I lived in. I was fortunate to pick up an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) of a spirit answering positive to being the source of the scent.

But what happens when the smells get nasty?… Inhuman entities are said to give off foul smells, like rotting flesh. Of course the culprit might be screwy food in your fridge or a deceased raccoon in the wall. I would definitely look into that first. All spirits have the capacity for tweaking our olfactory senses. Most choose scents they enjoyed in life. Some like to be antisocial with favorite bodily emissions. Truly awful stench is routinely associated with demonic hauntings.

Before you run off screaming “DEMON!,” do the research. Chances are there is a logical explanation. Also, a ghost who wants to pester you can make lousy smells too. If you suspect evil, it is important to call in professional to uncover the truth. Be careful who you chose to do this. Some paranormal investigators are great for the job, others can aggravate the situation. Provoking is not the best way to dispose of a demonic. A proper cleansing of the home and those who live in it may be necessary. This needs to be done by a seasoned professional. As they say, “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.”

There can be other reasons for phantom smells. It could also be a medical condition known as Phantosmia. Medical science considers the perception of a odor with no apparent cause a disorder. Whether it is a malfunction of the olfactory neurons or a symptom of a psychological issue, such as schizophrenia, only a doctor can tell you. This, of course, leaves no room for the paranormal possibilities. It would be prudent to rule out health problems, but more effectual to ask your cohort, “YO, can you smell it too?” If more than one of you notice it, then it may be paranormal… or you’re both headed for mental help.

If you are suspecting paranormal odor, do the research. Rule out the physical explanations first. When your a left with nothing normal, then it must para. I always consider it an honor to experience spirit activity. It makes one realize how close they really are. Which means, they never truly leave us.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!