Once again my Macbook Pro is on the fritz. …Looks like another major issue. I think it’s under warranty for the hard drive that was replaced recently. We’ll see. It seems to blow them out yearly. I think these machines run too hot. At least that is my theory. This time I’m backed up.

I’m using the spouse’s computulator… it’s not a powerful, but it’s getting it done. I did not hook up my Wacom tablet, so I was forced to hand draw today’s comic. I forgot how much I enjoy drawing on paper. It’s much more fluid. I may be revisiting that. I like the Wacom for coloring and effects. It’s hard to say if I will ever commit to one format for doing Entities. Since this is my strip, I can paint in blood if I want to. Though you need not worry; I’m not interested in making “vampire” comics.

I’m a firm believer these things happen for a reason. I suppose I need to invest in some traditional drawing time. I’ve also been forced into Adobe Cloud as well. This means I really should monetize this comic. It needs to earn it’s keep. I don’t mind entertaining people for free, but I don’t want it to become hard on my purse strings.

All in all, I’m reacting far less freaky over this event, which is an accomplishment! It pays to have backup!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!


The sketches for this one:

Sketches of Thor and Carl for an Entities-R-Us comic