Friday Night on August 22, I was asked to do a Blog Talk chat with Tony WolfPaw Ortiz. I hadn’t been on radio in a while, having been a little complacent about my art and life upheavals, during which I had not felt like participating in much. I was inclined to hedge on it, but then I just said, go for it. I let the universe drag me along…

This turned out to be an excellent decision. Tony conducted the most comprehensive interview on me, ever. It was probably more enlightening for me than the rest of the world. I discovered a person who has followed Entities-R-Us since 2008. Here was a guy who had a handle on my work to such a level, he was able to understand it, and ask deep questions about it.

This came at a time where I’d been focusing on appreciating my work. An thus, the Law of Attraction sent me someone to mirror that which I have been attempting to do for myself so conclusively, that I was taken aback. It was an excellent way for me to let go of the resistance I generally hold for compliments and to just absorb the experience.

He managed to dredge up a wealth of information. So, I really think you might get a kick out of this. I even admitted to some of my woo-woo practices, which might freak some people out. At this stage in my life, freaking people out is a perk I enjoy.

With a special thanks and shout out to Tony WolfPaw Ortiz here is the show. Check out his website for more information and the new show schedule:

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