I had the pleasure last night to listen to an interview with Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters/TAPS on Live Paranormal with Deonna Kelli-Sayed. Hawes rarely speaks these days, preferring to have some semblance of a private life… The importance of connecting with the fans is important, so he consented.

This interview pours water on the rumor flames that invariably erupt around a public figure, especially one who has had such an impact on their field of expertise as Hawes has. People lose sight of the good that has come from Ghost Hunters: the exposure of the para-field, the demystifying of hauntings for the public, the raising of awareness of the world of spirit… etc. Instead, there has been a line of attack, unfounded allegations and maligning of character.

Jason was clear that TAPS is not a “Mafia” of the paranormal. The whole idea he would waste his time lording over millions of investigation teams is laughable. It may be difficult to become a TAPS member these days. The organization is so large, it is difficult to be heard. Everyone wants in, so the way to the door is only through the crowd of thousands flocked at the gate.

Jay and Grant are not profiting from Reality Events. It is a separate organization. Reality Events and any other venue has to carry insurance, pay the speakers and their airfare, pay the facilities they are using, etc. So, the cost for attending these goes up accordingly. If you want to see top people, they come at a top price. Anyone with an ounce of business savvy will understand that.

The Spaulding Inn is a fun venture for Jason and Grant. It is in no way a money maker. They rebuilt the place from a derelict, it will be a long time before they see a return on it. Sometimes it’s about what you enjoy, not the profits. As a former New Hampshire-ite, I can honestly say, Whiting is a long way up the state… The winters are so bad up there that the opportunities to fill your hotel are marginal at best. It’s not a profitable location. But, it’s HAUNTED! And that’s the fun of it.

Honestly folks… would you want to begrudge anyone a chance to enjoy a substantial living?! Sheesh! If you busy yourself attempting to hold everyone else back, the only one you slow up is yourself.

FAKED EVIDENCE… Yes, the topic reared its ugly head. Hawes does not allow the production company to run Ghost Hunters. The crew comes in and rolls film. They do not direct the scenes or run the investigation. The investigations span three days of shooting. So, what you are seeing is the edited result of that. It is impossible to really cover an entire investigation in an hour television show. The editing process really amounts to putting the right information together to make it interesting to the audience.

The infamous “collar tug” on the 2008 Halloween special was a bugbear for Ghost Hunters. People insist there was fishing line attached to Grants collar, that he was prompted by the producers to react at the right moment… the list is endless. Jason says he was not within twenty feet of Grant at the time this happened. And, intelligently put out that it would be foolish to fake something on a live show in the first place.

My two cents is this… There is not enough evidence to support they faked anything. We do not have access to all the footage. There were not multiple camera angles to analyze. No one from the production crew has come forward with evidence or more hearsay about it. Therefore, we do not have enough to go on to accuse anybody at this point. Anyone who stands on ceremony claiming this clip is absolute proof of faked evidence does not put enough energy in to be considered a proper scientific researcher and definitely NOT A QUALIFIED PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR.

We seek the truth. Part of seeking the truth is putting all your beliefs, opinions and attitude on the shelf… basically shelve your ego. Only then can we objectively go out into this world and seek answers.

Just think, people forget how much they owe Bill Gates for the amazing technology we enjoy today.

Check out the interview on Liveparanormal.com

I shall descend from my soapbox and go shovel the driveway for the 400th time this season. WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO PUT IT?!

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