Yup, I’m finally going to admit that I have a ghost on board. Too many odd things were adding up. Between hearing odd rustling noises while working in my office, seeing a shadow duck into the kitchen, hearing a disembodied voice calling a cat, I was beginning to be convinced.

Recently I heard a woman’s voice say hello clearly. My husband didn’t hear it. There was no one outside near the house and the windows were shut. So, I picked up my digital recorder and began to ask a few questions. Here are the results! TURN UP YOUR VOLUME!

I asked if someone said hello. This EVP was captured:
Click here: Hello-1-Hello “Hello.” – You can hear the voice of an older woman right after I say hello.

Click here: Hello-2-IHearYou “I hear you.” – This one is more of a whisper with carefully spaced out words as if they are trying to get the attention of a deaf person… that would be me I suppose.

I told the entity to speak into the recorder, that I will hear it later when I listen back. This was the response.

Click Here: Hello-3-NotTonight. “Sigh… I can’t hear that one, not tonight.”

I’m not sure if this one refers to the bird. I have other EVPs I found in a session I did to record my parrots talking. One of those talked about how pretty the bird is.

Click Here: Hello-4-WillHeComeToYou. “Will he come to you?” – I can’t imagine what else that could refer to, unless it’s another ghost! HA!

She was trying to get my attention.
Click Here: Hello-4a-ITalkToYou. “I talk to you.” – This one is also quiet and the words are spaced out as if someone is frustrated with my inability to hear them.

Here she was getting impatient. I felt a cold spot during this one.
Click Here: Hello-5-ITalkToYOU. “I talk to YOU.” – I think I missed the last word when I processed this one. You can hear “Talk To…” on this clip.

This is the point she wanted to make her intentions clear…

Click Here: Hello-6-GetOut. “Get out!” – There is no mistaking this one!
Click Here: Hello-7-GetOut. “Get out!” – …and for go measure…

At this point, I realize I need to have a heart to heart with my inadvertent housemate. The problem with ghosts is they do not realize life goes on, homes are sold and they are dead! The best thing to do is talk with her and spell out in kind words the reality of things. Compassion is the key word. She has no idea why we suddenly invaded her home or where her possessions went.

I will break out my recorder again. I’ll keep you abreast of what goes on and how I handle this. Alas, it’s not the first time!

I will also post the ghostly bird comment along with the bird sounds later.

Eat Cookies, Live with Ghosts!