This week wraps up the Haunted Library series. The EVPs will wrap up here as well. I still can’t believe how many we got from this location. I wish it would go public! It’s a cool library space!

Let’s catch up… These are in the upstairs main room.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm1 – “Come here.” Nice clear as day whisper!

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm2 – “Hm” Answered my question if Frances was there.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm3 – “Oh, there is a transition.” Follows me asking how they feel about the library changing directors.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm4 – “Practical”

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm5 – “Of Course.” I ask if she remembers Lacy. You can hear a clear woman’s voice answering. It matches the audible moan we heard (see first set of EVPs).

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm6 – “Look at it.” Male whisper that is quick.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm8 – “Course I don’t.” This is at end of clip.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm9 – “No.” (after I ask if they know paperboy’s name.) “Jim.” (further into the clip there’s a quick answer.)

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm10 – “I feel happy.” Sounds like a male voice.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm11 – “I am a woman.” Donna asks if the spirit is a woman.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm12 – “Francis again.” You can hear a snap sound and the EVP starts immediately.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm18 – “Why, why, why.” This seems to be a lament of some sort.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRmI1 – “Don’t.” “No.” This was at a quiet point. You can also hear some car noise in the background.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRm19 – “How do you look?”

Weigh in on these! Let me know what you think! I want to roll out the rest later. I’ve got some doosies.