This week starts the Entities series based on the Hyde Park consignment store investigation my group did back in April. I’ve posted some of the EVPs already. Today, we flesh out the rest.

This little house was once a residence. It was moved from a former location to where it sits now. It’s now a lovely little 2-story consignment store called Surviving Sisters with a reputation for helping women in need. The owner Kim, is a delightful woman who is eager to please and tell a good story. She had quite a few stories to tell! Jewelry is moved around the shop. A pair of earrings in particular managed to vanish when someone requested them. Voices are heard and the shadow of a man has appeared.

During the initial client interview, I turned on my digital voice recorder. As usual I picked up some interesting EVPs. The irony of this is I always catch more when I walk in, then we all sit down for an organized EVP session. I guess the ghosts are more relaxed. While Kim was telling her stories, a male spirit felt she wasn’t truthful. He said, “Bullshit!” He kept making commentary. Finally, during a heartfelt story, a female spirit told him to lay off. It was an interesting dialog. (I suspect the ghost wasn’t being truthful, for he denied treating his wife badly in life).

While we were talking, I could feel an energy next to me. I ran my hand through it at waist level and remarked about it. At the moment I picked up an EVP that said, “Look up.” It seems our male friend was standing next to me.

We split up the team. My group included IndyPara co-founder Donna Parish-Bishcoff, reporters Sarah Bradshaw and Christina Williams of the Poughkeepsie Journal. We began in the bar area in back. It seemed pretty quiet, but we did pick up a few clips.

Upon heading upstairs to join Nathan Schoonover formerly of Extreme Paranormal and his Paranormal Puck. The puck is one of those questionable devices. Nathan likes to use it for reading EMF fluctuations. We were mesmerized by the words. Soon it became apparent there was some connective meaning. The words “tweak,” “coin,” “bush,” “flag,” “nation,” “quarter,” “cabinet,” “believe,” and others kept repeating. I finally decided to investigate. I went downstairs to ask the owner if there was any method to the madness. Then I saw the plant or “bush” on the checkout counter “cabinet” with American “flags” stuck in it. The owner noted there was a quarter from another country that she put in the saucer under the plant. She looked… it was gone! She looked around and eventually found in in the draw of the counter “cabinet”… It was a Chinese “quarter” which explains the “nation” comment. This particular spirit is known for moving jewelry and objects to different places. To really validate this, I picked up an EVP that said “coin.” I guess the ghost decided to “tweak” the “coin.”

Here’s a photo of the coin.

Chinese Coin discovered after paranormal goose-chase courtesy of a Paranormal Puck.

Here are some of the EVPs we collected. I’ve posted some of these before, so excuse the repeats.

Click Here: SS-11-Bullshit – This is the one that says “Bullshit.” Ghost doesn’t believe Kim’s story.

Click Here: SS-17-PleaseDontUpsetHer – Female spirit defends Kim.

Click Here: SS-25-ItsMe – “That was me.” Spirit taking claim of the dark shadow of a man seen by owner.

Click Here: SS-29-LookUp – “Look up.” This was picked up when I was feeling energy and looking down at my hand as I ran it through the source.

Click Here: SS-18-ILoveTeasingHer – “I love teasing her.” This followed “Please don’t upset her.” (Yeah, I’m out of order here.)

Click Here: SS-36-ThatsAPieceOfShit – “That’s a piece of shit.” Ghost denies being rude to his wife.

Click Here: SS-38-Please_AwayWithIt – “Believe it.” (Ironically the word believe appeared on the paranormal puck several times that evening.)

Click Here: SS-42-WhistlePhew – Hear a whistling “Phew.”

Click Here: SS-43-ImHurtorHer – This EVP is one of those that sounds different each time you listen to it. After listening again, it seems to say “I’m very….” or “I buried Martha.” See what you think!

Click Here: SS-48-WantThem – “Want them.”

Click Here: SS-53-Stuff – “Stuff.” Must be commenting on the contents of the store…

Click Here: SS-60-GoNowToThePathAndDontComeBack – “Go out the back (or to the path) and don’t come back.” We were all leaving to take a photo out front.

Click Here: SS-63-HelloPauline – “Calling Pauline.” This one was picked up upstairs.

Click Here: SS-64-Call – “Call.” Ghost wanted to call Pauline apparently…

Click Here: SS-65-Hi – “Have photo.”

Click Here: SS-92-Singing – “I hope you hear…” Sounds like singing behind Donna talking.

Click Here: SS-96-GoHomeIDontWantYouHere – “Go home. I don’t want you here!”

Click Here: SS-97-GoHomeGoHome – “Go home. I don’t like you and I don’t want you here.”

Click Here: SS-102-Percy – “I’m Percy.” This is very faint. Ironically, Donna has a psychic impression of the name Percy.

Click Here: SS-106-GoTheHeckHome – “Go! Go home!”

Click Here: SS-114-Coin – “Coin” This was taken upstairs before we began the Paranormal Puck investigation.

Click Here: SS-115-ItBroke – “It broke.” Nathan was setting up his computer. Apparently the spirit thought is wasn’t working right.

Click Here: SS-117-Puck-Quarter – Here begins the dialog that led me to the quarter.

Click Here: SS-121-Puck-PushCupboardSizeSure

Click Here: SS-136-Puck-NationDetails

Click Here: SS-147AlreadyCrossoverAboveQuarter – You can see that there is some sort of direction going with this in this clip. Needless to say, I went on a goose chase soon after to find an international quarter….

Click Here: SS-154-IAmHome – “I am home.” This is a female singsong voice that seems quite pleased.

Click Here: SS-156-HeLiesToYou – “He lies to you.” I guess the male ghost is a liar according to this female one… Perhaps she figured the goose-chase was just that.

Click Here: SS-158-TheyKnow – “They know.” We know something… I don’t know what this spirit is referring to…

Click Here: SS-223-GoAway – “Please go away.” Apparently they were tired of us. Initially in the attic room, I felt a heavy energy as if someone didn’t want us there. It lightened up later in the investigation. There was a report of a doll moving to the other side of the room unassisted. Also, footsteps were heard by previous tenants.

This is definitely a haunted location. The spirits are reasonably friendly… although sarcastic sometimes. One of them would prefer we left them in peace. The all seem to like the owner Kim. The place has a good feel over all. You should check it out and do a little shopping while you’re at it.

For those of you who did not see the article and corresponding video about it, here it is (They’ll probably make ya buy it).

I’m ghost hunting Smalley’s on Friday! Stay tuned for more haunting news!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!