Haunted barn. -photo by Tj Garofalo


Once again I have moved my horse to a haunted barn… In an effort to have easier access to my horse, I switched barns this Fall. This is the third haunted barn I’ve been to with him. While my experiences have been minimal, the personal experiences of others is mounting.

The horses were the first to notice. Two of them would freak out around 4pm each day, staring out the window, snorting and racing around their stalls. One had to be moved to calm him down. All would stare at the same spot where a horse was buried about a year ago. The manager suspected it was the ghost of the dead horse.

I poked around with my recorder. I haven’t reviewed the evidence as my computer I use for EVPs quit. But, there was definitely energy on the side of the barn which was not in use. The old horse’s stall was in that portion of the barn. Soon, grooming tools went missing, turning up in odd places. The paper towels wound up in the middle of the tack room. The man who rents the apartment upstairs (who is not a believer) reported his door swinging open. He could not discover a cause for this.

Recently, the manager heard footsteps on the roof! The renter witnessed it too. Just this week he heard somebody dragging something in the unused part of the barn. There was nobody there… The manager actually saw someone walk by quickly, but there was nobody there.

The good thing is, my horse isn’t fussed about it. He’s used to spirits in his barn.

My team is planning an investigation when the weather warms up. This will be an interesting case. I suspect it is a man – at least that’s the vibe I get. We’ll see what turns up! Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can scan that evidence…

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!