There is an argument on some religious fronts that all paranormal activity is demonic in origin. If this were true, then we would be the only non-evil in the universe. So, therefore, how could God exist? He would be a demon!

Obviously this is false if you really look at it. I believe in goodness. It is because of that belief I attract decent paranormal experiences. It is the Law of Attraction at the heart of this. If one believes demonic forces are out to harm him or her, then so it will be for that person.

Belief is a powerful thought process. It creates truth for that person… But, not for everyone else. It is this very reason why those who fear demonic phenomena should never play with a Ouija board or even participate in paranormal investigation. Their very fears will produce for them, what they dread.

I suggest these people really analyze their thoughts. There is a deeper truth here. Listen to the heart. It is more likely to tell the truth than the mind. Spirituality lies there, the true self. Most of ghost hunting is intuition. Those deeper senses tell you what kind of entity is present. Yes, some are nasty, but rarely do we meet evil if ever.

I pray you remain positive in thought and purpose. It is this “Patronus” which will protect you in the darkest of circumstances.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Read Comics to Keep the Cheer Up!