It was a bummer to discover this weekend’s ghost hunt was postponed to next week. Fortunately, this works out great for me as I’m deep into Country Courier Magazine. This explains the sporadic comics this week. Sometimes I think about attempting syndication yet again and making enough money to be able to focus on the cartoon exclusively.

That thought aside, I had the opportunity to return to the Patchett House for another paranormal investigation. My team is going with Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators. But, I chose to focus on finish the magazine and put up the comics. Paranormal investigation is a big deal. It’s much more than spending an evening up late looking for indigenous spirits. There are hours spent afterwards going through photos, audio and video. So, with this in mind I’m missing out, but I’m preserving my time for next week’s premier haunt. I will fill you in on those details after we complete it.

I miss writing. Somehow, I have to carve time for this. Entities-R-Us needs another book! This post seems like a rant, but it’s actually a part of my thought process, which helps me focus on what is important. It can be hard for artists to find time to do what they love. The world is not ready to support our endeavors as fully as we would like. So, we hang on, continuing our creative ventures in spite of it all.

So, today is one of perseverance and dedication to the craft of cartooning… DRAW ON!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts (next week), and READ COMICS!