You have heard… or read, as you are not in my household to hear the audible rants, about my lack of writing time. Well, I’m here to put forth an obvious, yet brilliant solution. I now write in the morning before work. Thanks to the Nook, I can do this in bed with my coffee.

It’s crucial to carve out time for what one loves to do. While we all seem to need a day job, some of us crave that creative aspect. I enjoy design, strategic marketing, and product development, but nothing compares to drawing and writing my own stuff! The unlimited palette awaits. I find it important to stretch the soul outside the constrains of daily business. It brings an energetic flavor to my life which extends back into my job. I am always fresher at work after I have written or drawn a comic or two before breakfast… that IS my breakfast, usually.

I encourage you to journal during your early hours before work. It may lead to something amazing. You never know… and at the very least, it will make you feel good. You can’t argue with that. Besides, the kids, spouse and pets (except the cat) won’t bother you at 5am. No one bothers anyone at 5 am… except for the cat. If you feed the cat, you’re home free!

Enjoy your new found time!